Technical Tour to Potsdam

We are inviting you to a guided tour of Sanssouci. Participants willing to attend, please register here.

Price: 185 Euro

The SPM-5 will end at Thursday.
After the Workshop we offer an excursion to the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam.
The trip to Potsdam starts at Thursday 04:00 pm. In the evening there is a dinner planned.
On Friday 11:00 am the guided tour starts through the Sanssouci Palace. The tour will take about 2h.
After that you will have free time. We offer you to accompany you to the train station Potsdam to go to Berlin.

The trip includes the bus transfer, dinner, hotel and the guided tour through Sanssouci Palace.
The costs are 185 Euro. There are 35 spaces available. Please book your trip soon via registration!

Further information about Sanssouci can you find here.